Labor and Salary Market Research

Ensuring competitive working conditions, including salaries is a fundamental principle for businesses vying in the labor market. We conduct a thorough examination of salaries vis-à-vis competitors and construct a comprehensive supply and demand matrix.

The Procedure

We agree on the essential parameters for the analysis
We determine the price and format of the report.
We conduct an audit
Once our audit is complete, we present you with an insightful report that includes valuable suggestions for improvement
  • When you want to discover the true value of your finest employee.
  • When you need to gauge your competitors' offerings.
  • When you want to design an optimal compensation plan to retain your employees.
● A fair evaluation of the industry’s wage market for better HR management, retention of valuable team members, establishment of appropriate wage ranges for various positions, and more.

What You Get

Salary research will allow you to:

  • 1
    Attract top-notch professionals by offering competitive compensation
  • 2
    Retain valuable employees by addressing their requests for raises or improved benefits.
  • 3
    Adapt the employee incentive system to incorporate new indications
  • 4
    Develop a compensation plan tailored to specific positions
  • 5
    Compare remuneration levels in Russian and/or foreign companies
  • 6
    Determine appropriate wage brackets for specific positions
  • 7
    Analyze labor market demand and supply dynamics.


Pricing varies based on the complexity of the project and includes the comprehensive audit cost.

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