Mystery Shopper in CIS countries

Our clients are retail chains of various formats: pharmacies, opticians, grocery stores, home appliance stores, communication salons, jewelry salons, pawnshops, clothing stores, shoes, accessories and gifts. We work both with well-known networks and with a small business that has just opened.

We check the client's outlets in all CIS countries with the help of specially trained employees — "secret shoppers". They"play the role of a real client and"observe" how well their staff serves them.

The key point of the checks is that the "mystery shopper" does not "stand out" from the total mass of customers. Otherwise, the seller will reveal it and arrange a "demonstration performance".

Evaluations with and without disclosure

Evaluation with disclosure

If the business cannot be evaluated in secret, the mystery customer discloses their status and provides identification. For example, this might be necessary if the evaluation requires the mystery customer to take pictures of medical equipment in a clinic or snap a photo of school cafeteria in order to evaluate its cleanliness. It would be very difficult to do this in secret. In this case, the disclosure is included in the mystery customer's engagement guideline.

Evaluation without disclosure

Evaluations without disclosure are necessary if the mystery customer’s primary objective is to evaluate compliance with sales and service standards. In this case, the mystery customer pretends to be a real customer and evaluates the employees during every phase of the sales process.

Kinds of evaluations

Evaluations with and without purchase

Evaluation with purchase

Evaluations with purchase can be performed if our goal is to evaluate the employees of banks or other institutions where expensive purchases are not anticipated. For example, the mystery customer might sign up for a debit card at a bank or order the translation of a text.

Evaluation without purchase

Evaluations without purchase are necessary when the company sells something expensive and it is possible to evaluate the quality of its service without making a purchase. This option is appropriate at businesses such as banks, clinics, and real estate agencies.

Evaluation with or without a refund of the purchase

Evaluation with a refund of the purchase

An evaluation with a refund of the purchase can be used toмevaluate employees in stressful situations. For example, the mystery customer could close a bank account or block a debit card and observe employees’ reactions.

Evaluation without a refund of the purchase

An evaluation without a refund of the purchase is appropriate for businesses that do not offer refunds, such as translation agencies and clinics. But it in this case we can write an engagement guideline in which the mystery customer behaves in a frustrating way and provokes the staff.

On-site and remote evaluations

On-site evaluation

Full-fledged on-site evaluations are required to fully evaluate the performance of employees at banks, schools, and clinics.

Remote evaluation

Remote evaluations are used to evaluate call centers.
We recommend performing an evaluation at least twice a month.
A real picture of your staff’s performance that identifies their strengths and weaknesses, a report on the evaluation, recommendations on how to improve employee performance and make your company more effective, and a motivational system in the form of a document.
How often should I perform an evaluation?

What will I get?

Our Six Step Process

We work with every client to understand what matters to their brand, and create a tailored program based on their challenges. Then we educate our mystery shoppers, validate knowledge transfer, draw up a schedule of visits
We visit the targets as per the agreed schedule and profile
We record audio of the visit, take photos or make videos, complete the checklist based on the results
Within the designated timeframe, we provide a full report on each visit on the web-based business intelligence platform
We create final report with recommendations based on the results of the service quality evaluation
We can organize workshops and practical seminars aimed at ironing out problem areas and training staff as required


The final cost of the research depends on the number and geography of visits, the requirements for mystery shoppers, and the format of deliverables and recommendations

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